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If you are looking for a Local Resource for your Insurance and Investment Needs, then this is the place to Start... From Life Insurance to RRSP's and Everything in Between!


Protect the Ones you Love
with Life Insurance...

Give Yourself & your Family peace of mind with Life Insurance. Protect your Lifetime of Income with Life Insurance. Your Family Deserves it...


Do you want to Learn
how to Grow your Investments?

Simple steps are all it takes to get you on Track for a Healthy Retirement. If you want to Grow your investments, then you have come to the right place...


Who is your Financial Coach?

In today's complex world of Insurance and Investments, you need a Coach to Guide and Inspire you to Success. Let's put a Game Plan together Today!

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Protecting your Income

We start by securing your existing lifestyle needs

We start by Protecting your Income, so your Lifestyle, both today or into the future will not be jeopardized

by a Disability, a Critical Illness or even Worse…

Until such time as we discover a crystal ball that actually works, Infinity will continue to make risk management the foundation of all our advice.

Find out how Affordable Life Insurance really is...

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Investing for the Future

You identify the destinations. We develop the plan to get you there

With the comfort that your current needs are secure, you can focus your energies on future scenarios such as purchasing another property, putting children through school, ticking the international adventure off your bucket list or retiring early.

While your desired future is unique, the process for putting a plan in place to get there is the same. At Infinity once we’ve jointly identified where you want to be, we use our expertise to develop and implement the plan to get you there.

Do you need Help with your RESP?

If you are a Parent, it is likely that you have big plans for your little ones. This usually includes a post-secondary education, to give them the best opportunity for success in their future. But are you creating a structured plan, that will ensure proper funding at school time?

Give us a call and we will show you some little-known tricks to get the most out of your RESP.

Do you need help with your RRSP?

An RRSP, or a Registered Retirement Savings Program is the foundation of most Canadians Retirement Plans. But if not structured Properly, or Under Utilized, an RRSP may cause you more problems in the future, than the worth of today…

Make an Appointment Today, to see if you are Maximizing the efficiency of your RRSP…

Do you need help with your TFSA?

The Tax Free Savings Account is one of the least Understood Savings vehicles here in Canada. In our opinion it should be called a Tax Free Investment Account, as the opportunities to grow your TFSA go far beyond a Savings account…

Set an appointment today, so we can show you all of the opportunities that are given to you. Don’t Sell yourself Short, by listening Only to the Banks…

Why Infinity Insurance and Investments?

We know you have choice. We’ll exceed expectations.

We are just like you.

We are business owners, parents and active in the community. We work hard to pay mortgages, school fees, taxes and living expenses. We like to take holidays. We wish we could take more. We are planning for the future but enjoying the present.

Like most Financial Advisers.

We are experts in Life Insurance, Annuities,  Wealth Creation, Retirement Planning, etc

Unlike most Financial Advisers.

We’ve developed an advice process that is personalized, simple and efficient. We do not work for the Banks, we work for our Clients, Plain and Simple, you are our Boss…

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