3 Reasons why Women need Life Insurance Now, More than Ever!

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3 Reasons why Women need Life Insurance Now, More than Ever!

Life Insurance is so Affordable and Easy to get,

that no one should be without it!

Life Insurance for Women

As Canadian Women become a powerful force in the workplace and in the home,  the time is now to recognize the need and importance of Life Insurance.

Traditionally when I have met with a Family, the focus has typically been putting Life Insurance on the Husband, but today’s family dynamic is so different from the “Traditional” family dynamic that once existed in the past.

Now when I sit down with a family, there are new things we talk about, and new things to realize when we are doing a proper Insurance Review, so we can ensure that the entire Family’s financial future is secure…

Here are the Top 3 reasons why Life Insurance for a Woman is so much more Important today than ever before.

Women today are more educated than Men!


That’s right, I said it. We always knew it, but here are the Facts 🙂

Over the past 2 decades, Women have outpaced Men in gaining a University Education, including Bachelors and Masters degrees.

The Canadian Graduation rate for Women stands at 59.1% of the graduating class. The focus on University is creating more and more women who are highly educated, and a very important part of our Workforce.

Today’s “Traditional” family consists of two people who have a very important role in not only being a parent, but equally contributing to the financial success and continuity of the Family as well…

Higher Education!!!

More Women are Working today, than ever before!

In today’s economic environment, women are steadily becoming more an more significant to the success of the family and the family’s financial future.

Women are becoming the economic engine of Canada, and as time goes on, the numbers will only grow.

In regards to the numbers, here are the Facts!

Women make up 47.3% of the total workforce…

Women hold 35.4% of the Management Positions…

and Women make up 22.9% of Senior Management Positions…

It has become a brand new world we live in, and the contribution that women make towards our Economy and our Family’s Financial Future, certainly cannot be overlooked.

Here are the facts...

Senior Management!!!

Management Roles!!!

Labour Force!!!

Women today have Much Less Life Insurance than they Need!

With the increase of Women in the workforce, and as a major contributor to the family’s financial success and future, their Insurance needs have not kept pace…

In fact, only 58% of women have any Life Insurance coverage at all, compared to almost 70% of men in the same household. If both the Husband and Wife are responsible for the financial contribution to their family, then the need for Life Insurance should be equal.

Even when the wife has Life Insurance, statistics show, that Women have 25% less coverage than their male counterparts. This as well, needs to reflect the true economic value that a Woman brings into the household.

And more than 1 in 3 working women have no coverage at all. This means that the family will inevitably be in financial distress if anything were to happen to the working mother in the family.

The Best RRSP Advice

In Summary;

By not accurately understanding your Financial Responsibility and your Human Economic Value, you may be leaving your Life Insurance needs, not fully addressed.

Independent, strong and Intelligent women today, need to take control of the family’s future by ensuring the proper coverage is in place. By creating a financial legacy for your spouse and your children, you will have the comfort needed to go forth and conquer.

Read more here about how you can cover your life Insurance needs for “Free” by using the proper tools and strategies that have been created for your success.

Read my blog post here.

“How to get your Life Insurance coverage for “Free” by using 20 pay Life Insurance!”

Is your Life Insurance coverage adequate to protect your family and loved ones? If not, I would be honored to help you understand in greater detail, all of the effective and efficient ways to meet your objectives and fulfill your responsibilities…

Steffen deGraaf

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You need Life Insurance if;

You bring an Income home to the Family…

 You have Kids you want to ensure an Education for…

 You have a Mortgage…

 You have Debt, Lines of Credit or Car Loans…

 You want to create a Tax Efficient Retirement Income…

 You want to Guarantee your Family’s Financial Success, no matter what happens…

 You want to Feel more Responsible to your Family…

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