Steffen deGraaf

Steffen deGraaf

Experienced Insurance and

Investment Professional

Burlington’s Insurance and Investment Advisor

Steffen deGraaf’s BIO

My name is Steffen deGraaf and I am a lifelong resident of Burlington. I’ve never been a person who limits my experiences, or myself; instead I choose to get involved in as many different groups and organizations as I can. Variety is important in life and I always welcome the opportunity to make a difference.

I was raised within a family whose business has been in insurance and investing for over four decades. The deGraaf name has been synonymous with Insurance and Investing here in Burlington for almost 45 years, inevitably it’s become a big interest and focus of mine. My father has mentored me for over a decade at deGraaf Financial Services, until it was time for me to start my own company using the years of knowledge, contacts and experience I’d gained and thus Infinity Insurance and Investments arrived.

For the last ten years I’ve been a Sports Coach for Soccer, Baseball and Football here in Burlington, and over the years I have coached and mentored hundreds of children. Sports teach children integrity, perseverance, positive attitude, respect and develops self-esteem, all valuable life skills. I’m also an active board member for social causes and youth services; as a father of two I know that our youth are our future and they need to be nurtured.

“A Coach will Impact more Young People in one year,

Than the Average Person does in a Lifetime”

– Billy Graham

Burlington, ONInsurance and Investing can be very complex; and my aim is to decipher the jargon and provide clients with a tailor made solution to fit them and their specific needs; there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ with investing your hard earned money in the right place. Infinity Insurance has a unique Platinum Service Promise; ensuring clients get outstanding service, valuable support, and integrity, all at great prices.

As Insurance and Investment Brokers, we have the opportunity to work with all the Financial Services Companies, and personally, I have worked with hundreds of families, individuals and corporations over the years, helping to build a financially secure future for them and their families. The solutions I offer are practical, accountable and affordable, but I’ll let you decide for yourself.

I have also been a contributing author to many publications such as Over 50 and Loving it, the Seniors Review, the Anglican Journal and many other websites, such as ezine articles , dgfinancial and


But, I already have an Advisor...

Many of the families, professionals and business owners we have helped do have a stockbroker, accountant, insurance agent or friend who has guided them in their financial matters. Unfortunately, while these individuals were well intentioned, they generally had a narrow view of the problems and solutions. The advice they gave was based mainly on their area of expertise, what they were selling and what has worked for them personally.

Unfortunately, what worked for them, in many cases, was not the best solution for the families they were trying to help. Yes, they may have had some success, but in many cases the family’s situation could have been much better…


infinitycresttinyInfinity Insurance and Investment solutions, was created to help you navigate through the complex and sometimes daunting world of Insurance and Investments. We are here to help you with your Insurance and Investment needs such as Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Critical Illness insurance. Ensuring the most important part of your family is protected, YOU.

Our Investment solutions are based upon long standing value investing, we use a buy and hold strategy based upon companies that have over 100 years of Investing experience. Whether you are investing for your retirement inside an RRSP or TFSA, or you are saving for your children’s future with an RESP, we are here to help and provide you with best of breed solutions.

Our family business has been about Insurance and Investments for over 40 years, and through the years we have been able to select best of breed solutions for our clients.