Insurance to protect you and your family.


Insurance is meant to protect your Income, your Business and your Family…

The three necessities of Insurance

Protect against a Disability

We all imagine that we will work our way through life and not be a burden on those we support. But what happened if we became disabled? Now being disabled is not something that we would normally think of, but it is a greater liability when we are working, than even death. How could our family survive the financial loss? How would we fair if we didn’t have the right protection? Who would pay our bills, and would it be enough? The likelihood of  being disabled is 4 times that of dying in your working years, but most of us only plan for the ultimate worst. But how would our Income Survive, and how can we protect it properly? Many of the professionals that we speak with have put coverage in place years ago, or think that they have sufficient coverage through their employer… But would that old coverage still be applicable Today? Let us help you find out the differences, and opportunities. We are here to help you…

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Protect against a Critical Illness

Can you imagine being in a big crowd, and then the presenter asks if anyone has had a critical illness? Some hands go up, and you know they are the survivors… And then the second part of the question reveals itself, and you are asked if you know of someone close to you that has survived a critical illness? At that point nearly everyone’s hand goes up, and there is near not a soul in the room, who does not know of a personal story of survival… This is becoming the new norm in our society, knowing someone personally who has gone through the challenge. In fact, you are far more likely to experience a major medical event in your working years than there is a disability or death. Money though should not be the major challenge, survival should be… Protect yourself with Critical illness insurance and focus your time on recovery, and not in financial distress… What do you worry about, and who do you need to protect?

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Protection against Death

Imagine if something went wrong, and you didn’t have the right insurance to cover your needs. When we look at our obligations to either our family or our business, the numbers can be staggering. Now imagine your family or your business is safe because you took care of things, and took the time to get insured by the right people. Now stop imagining and take action with an independent company that’s been helping people just like you for years. As brokers we work on your behalf to find the best solution for your particular situation. We are not driven by any other force other than you as our client, and we go the extra mile to prove it to you. We work hard on your behalf to present to you the best of breed solutions that will take care of all your concerns. Take some time to visit our Life Insurance page, by clicking below. I guarantee you will enjoy your time here, thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to call us when your ready…

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“You have totally exceeded our expectations from both a service and solutions perspective, thank you for the peace of mind…”

Jeff and Christine V.

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