Critical Illness protection to ensure

your ability to create wealth…


Critical Illness protection

to ensure your ability to create wealth…

If you were to ask a group of friends, if anyone has had a critical illness over the last 5 years, depending on your age, the results will vary, but if you are in a group of people, chances are there will be a raise of hands. Now expand that out to our circle, and ask if anyone knows of a close personal friend or family member that has suffered from a critical illness, and nearly all the hands will raise.

So it’s not about could we get a critical illness, but what are we to do, if it were “us” that had been afflicted, and how would we carry on? The number one focus of having a critical intervention, is how do we move forward and conquer? There are few people that I speak with who, once diagnosed would simply crawl under a rock and die. This is not our spirit, and this is not the way we choose to live, and for most people, this is not my destiny. We would like every advantage possible, we want to be near our doctor, we want to be near to our hospital, and we want to be close to those professionals who can guide us through the tragedy.

There should be no doubt that as a professional in financial services, we are here to be your coach and your mentor in how to handle the situation financially. This is the part of the equation many people worry about feverishly, because they did not plan appropriately.

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Did you know that if you design your Life Insurance properly, you may be able to receive an advancement of the Benefit, if you have been diagnosed with a critical illness…

But it has to be designed properly

So what does the coverage provide protection against?

All of the companies out there will cover against the big 3 of Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke, but there are many other illnesses that the policy will cover you for, such as MS, ALS, Dementia, and your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL), Blindness, deafness, limbs being lost and so on and so on… The plans we implement have coverage between 21-25 of the most common ailments of Canadians…

The protection has been built and designed to cover off the most prevalent diseases or health challenges a client could ever worry about, so you have a very broad range of critical illnesses that will be covered.

The disease is not about you, personally.

Major medical life events, are not meant to be personal, but can have a great impact on your personal life. Personally my mother had battled with cancer for over 12 years before she finally had no strength anymore to continue the battle, so it is not something I speak of with little respect. In fact my mother was one of the strongest people I had ever had the pleasure of spending time with, but the disease, much like may other diseases have no concern for how perfect the person was, only about how they are going to face the challenge going forward, irregardless of any other challenges in that family’s life.

Whether or not you are facing these challenges, the mortgage does not care, the lines of credit do not care, and the car loans do not care. Only that they need to be paid, along with many other expenses that will come up in the treatment process, such as time off for a spouse, extra medical expenses, medical equipment or alterations and specialized drugs to cover the treatment, which are generally not included in OHIP bills…

40% of Canadian women and 45% of Canadian men will develop cancer during their lifetimes. It is estimated that there are over 70,000 heart attacks in Canada each year. Every 10 minutes, one person in Canada has a stroke.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society and Heart and Stroke Foundation in 2011

The 5 reasons why Critical Illness protection

is so valuable to you, and your family.


If for some reason you were to contract a critical illness, in our experience, these are the top 5 reasons that our clients have let us know how the protection has helped.


You get to take a step back from your job and responsibilities, and take care of what’s most important to you, Your Recovery… So many times, waiting for your Short Term Disability or even Long Term Disability Insurance can take too long. When the doctor says he needs to see you next Thursday, you are there next Thursday, irrelevant of your work obligations.


You need to create a financial buffer in between you and the disease. Bills will always come, as the day is long, and the sun will always rise, your bills too will not stop… Create your own financial buffer between the disease and your recovery.


We are surviving physically from these diseases, and although we may be in treatment for months, our medical system provides a greater opportunity today than ever before in history to overcome these challenges, but will our finances survive? I would spend every dime I had today to help me survive into the future.


The disease is not only about me, but everyone is involved. This is the most important fact we see, as it is not just about you. All the people around you want to be as big a part of your recovery as they can. But it does have a great financial impact on those you care about most. If your wife had to take a month off to take care of you, could you blame them? If your child wants to take the time off to ensure your following your treatment, and doing the best job you can to recover, could you blame them? I personally spent many days and weeks with my mother to make sure she was getting the best treatment and advice that she could, and that was by being with her in every meeting I could, and taking numerous sick days and vacation days to be there in the best way I could.


It may just be time to retire at that point. If you are nearing your retirement and are hit with a Critical illness, it may just be time to take an early retirement and enjoy your life going forward. It may just be the time to throw in the towel to your work life and enjoy the things that mean the most to you and your spouse or your family. If you are only a few years away from a retirement goal and a critical illness strikes, wouldn’t it be nice to say, “Ok let’s face this head on, and then enjoy our retirement?” Wouldn’t this be a nice way to end off your career, on your terms?


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Cancer mortality rates are declining for males under the age of 80 and for females under the age of 70. In recent years, the rate of survival among patients hospitalized for a heart attack has increased to 92%. 80% of Canadians hospitalized for stroke each year leave the hospital alive.

And here is the good news...

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How does Critical Illness Insurance work?

With critical illness insurance it is very simple, you apply for a set benefit, based upon your age and your health style. If you are young and healthy with no issues, the coverage is very easy to apply for and get approved. And if it is structured properly, there are three ways that the coverage can benefit you.

1. If for some reason you are afflicted by one of the 21-25 diseases, you will receive a lump sum payout within 30 days of your diagnosis, no worries, no questions, just simply a letter from your doctor, that you are now challenged by one of the conditions.

2. If for some reason you die within your Critical illness contract, your family will receive back every dime that you have ever contributed into it if planned properly. This does not apply to Bank owned coverage, but if you own it personally, we will show you how to set this up properly.

3. If you live your life healthy and without any medical conditions, you can receive all of your money back. So being healthy is a good thing for both the insurance company and you. You live your life, and have full coverage, and into your older retirement years, you still remain healthy, you are still given a big fat cheque from the company who you had invested in all of your life. What a great way to cover off today’s needs, and give yourself a great boost into retirement if you remain healthy…

How can we help you with this type of protection?


el_commicon_50So now, once you understand the risk, and how you can protect against it, critical illness insurance should make a lot more sense to you. The chances of dying between 35 and 75 are 3 in 10 people currently, but the chance of contracting a critical illness in the same period is 6 out of 10! What do you think should be Your Priority? Critical illnesses do not always put us into the ground these days, but the financial disaster that our clients have faced without this protection has been incredible.

Most of the other times that our clients do not have the protection, they were forced to take money from their RRSP’s to take care of finances while in recovery. So if you can plan for this today, and not have to worry about wiping out your RRSP to maintain your health, how better would your financial future be because of your intelligent decisions today?

Call our office Today, and see how Critical Illness Protection can work into your financial risk and rewards program…


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