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Ensuring your legacy with solid business insurance solutions

No doubt about it, entrepreneurs have a special gift. Building an empire from scratch is no mean feat, yet three quarters of the world’s billionaires started with nothing, nada, zip. What’s more, this elite group seem to have single-handedly achieved what most of us can only dream of without breaking sweat.

So what is their motivation? What drives them to wake every day and, through their organisations, seemingly become better people despite the wealth they create?

Is it self or greed that makes them seemingly unstoppable? Hardly ever!

It’s either wanting to make a positive difference, building long-term security for their employees and families or a combination of both of these virtues that has driven them to these lofty heights.

Start building today for a brighter tomorrow…

Every successful business person is, to some degree, blessed with this unerring gift of foresight.

Some may not get the breaks that will see them become billionaires, it’s true.

However, making a difference through their organisations and providing their loved ones and business partners with a solid future is like a gift that keeps on giving. And not only giving to those who’ve come to depend upon them, but also rewarding them personally for providing that surety.

Now that you’ve travelled so far along your own road to corporate success, it’s time for you to set the precedent for future generations.

By deciding what happens to your business in the event that you can no longer be there ensures that your legacy can begin in your own lifetime, come what may. 


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Is the time right to take out business insurance policies?

When you’re on the crest of a wave, it’s difficult to imagine a time when you won’t be there.

But in the case of many entrepreneurships, themselves whirlwinds who’ve swept everything up in their path on the way to the top, when they’re no longer there the spark of genius that fired the very heart of the company also dies out.

There’s also a very physical element involved in planning for that time. No one likes to admit that they’re merely mortal or that a life-threatening injury may only be around the corner.

As a responsible business owner, these are considerations you have to make. Conversely, you’re also keenly aware that market forces still may yet play a massive part in future profitability. So is committing to life insurance right now the right thing to do?

One thing’s for sure: the sooner those decisions are made and put into place, the freer you’ll be to hone that business acumen and build a platform not just for your sons and daughters, but possibly for generations to come.

With the economy still unsettled, the wise business move would be to choose a life insurance plan that can not only leave a tax-free estate or your company in safe hands, but one that can also reap rewards whilst you’re still here to enjoy them.

And planning such a policy is extremely achievable and surprisingly affordable. If you’re looking to protect your family and your business, deliver account growth guaranteed after you retire and, should disability blight your entrepreneurial spirit, safeguard you against the inability to work, please call us today and let us help you begin to protect your future.

To get immediate help, call 1-800-303-7196. Or, if you’d simply like to start the ball rolling, you can e-mail or write to us; details of both are on our Contact Page.

Why choose our life insurance policy?

By planning your life insurance policy instead of simply opting for one for the sake of being covered, we can offer the following additional benefits:

  • give your policy a tangible cash equivalent that you can lean upon if your business hits on an extremely slack period
  • grow your investment by 5-6%, ensuring that your policy holds its value against inflation
  • retire in comfort with tax-deferred growth with a plan that doubles up to safeguard your business net worth ensuring a hassle-free transition
  • don’t worry about disability becoming a burden if you’re out of action for six months or more; your cover remains intact
  • remain flexible with your estate planning as the ownership of your life insurance policy, should the need arise, can be transferred

All sound too good to be true? Well, despite it’s many advantages, this policy isn’t for everyone.

Yet it’s affordable, it’s available and it’s accessible; the only thing stopping you from taking advantage of this unique opportunity to safeguard you, your business and your family’s future right now is you.

To help you arrive at a more informed decision (hey, you’re an entrepreneurial spirit and have not got where you are today without taking calculated risks), please find overviews of the insurances we offer, with links out to even further reading if you want to triple-check what each type of cover incorporates.

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Additional Insurance Coverage available…


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness strikes at the very heart of families and businesses. Not only is it an emotional time, but without adequate cover, what follows critical illness can also mean financial devastation. Furthermore, survivors of critical illness often go from being the provider to the dependent, their needs going way beyond a usual household budget. To overcome new and often intimidating challenges with the provision of the best medical aid, the emotional stress of not knowing how long recovery is going to take and living a normal day-to-day life with the after-effects of critical illness can all put pressure on financial stability…[read more]

Key Man (Person) Insurance

In an entrepreneurial business, there’s usually one, maybe two or three at most, key players around whom the whole operation orbits. For small-medium enterprises, this is usually the owner or one or two director-level appointments they’ve made to help steady the ship. If your business has key personnel, you need to insure against the possibility of them not being there. Key Man Insurance is the perfect vessel to ensure continuity, should this eventuality be realized…[read more]

Disability Insurance

If you’re a micro-business, where you are the main and sometimes the only employee, it’s highly likely that if you become disabled, even for a short while, that business would struggle to survive. In order to protect your business and its future prosperity against the ill effects of disability, it’s imperative that you insure against the damage that could ensue from your not being able to open up for business for any length of time…[read more]

” Your attention to my business needs were at the top of your mind throughout our entire process. I appreciate your knowledge, service and professionalism.”

Steven V., Burlington Business Owner

Start your legacy today…

Building up a successful business with your own hands is an amazing achievement.

Securing the future of that business should you not be around to steer the ship is not only benevolent, it’s the difference between being remembered as just The Boss or simply The Best.

Take control of your legacy. Call 1-800-303-7196 today and we’ll show you how.