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Dumb Ways to Die Commercial Featuring Empire Life

empire life logoThere are many things in life we would rather not talk about such as Taxes, Income Levels, Politics, Religion and Yes, Death.

The newest TV Commercial from Empire Life is trying to put a humorous spin on the need for Life Insurance for Canadians. The Ad is currently running on networks such as the DIY Network and HGTV at this point, but you can expect it to expand to other networks in the near future.

Empire Life wanted to create awareness for Canadians and the urgent need for Life Insurance, as a recent LIMRA survey found that 65% of Canadian Households were either under-insured or not insured at all. This can create incredible financial hardships for families if something were to happen to an income earning spouse. In today’s typical family dynamic, most of the time both parents are working, and both contribute to the financial success or failure of a Household.

The Dumb ways to Die campaign by Empire Life is also meant to promote a new and simple way to quote and get Life Insurance right from the convenience of your own home. Using a new Fast and Full Application process, a client can “meet” with an Insurance Specialist from the convenience of your Computer. Yes a new and simplified electronic Insurance application and approval system can have you insured in 30 minutes or less, all done online with your Insurance Specialist, in most cases.

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65%of Canadians are either Under Insured or Not Insured at all!

LIMRA 2013 results

A Husband and Wife can get $500,000 worth of coverage for less than $50 per month!

Non-Smoking Male and Female

Meet with a Licensed Insurance Specialist from the comfort of your own Computer!

Fully electronic application process.

Get the peace of mind you deserve for you and your Family!

You can be insured in less than 30 minutes...

As more and more families rely on two incomes in the household...

Could your Family's finances survive on only 1 Income?

Your Mortgage Life Insurance is not protecting your Family

It is protecting the Banks loan to you!

You are worth $1,000,000 towards the financial Success of your family...

If you made $50,000 per year and worked for 20 years!

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Here are the Facts

about Life Insurance

How many Canadians are under insured or not inured at all...


How many Canadians rely on their Work Life Insurance to be there for them...


The percentage of families who would like to review their current coverage, because they feel under Insured


How many Canadians will die before their 65th birthday


If the Average funeral cost in Canada is $7000, what is the Maximum Canada Pension Plan would Pay?


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