Group RRSP’s for Small to Medium Sized Businesses,

Customized Solutions as Unique as your Employees.

  • Multiple Investment Choices

  • No Set up Fees or Back end Charges

  • Online Access to your Account

  • Professionally Managed Funds

  • Simple Set up and Administration

3 Benefits of Setting up a Group RRSP for your Employees

Tax Relief at the Source

When you set up a properly designed Group RRSP, you and your employees get the Tax Deduction at the source and at the time of contributions. No more waiting until Tax Time in April to receive your money back. You get the Tax break every single pay period.

Professional Management at Discounted Rates

With a Group RRSP, you have the benefit of working with Canada’s Top Money Managers in every segment of the investing world, and get to do so at a discounted rate. No Front end or Back end fees for our Investors means more money is working towards your Retirement Goals.

Your RRSP is Always Yours

Even thought you are investing in a Group RRSP, the money that is growing inside your RRSP is always yours. You can transfer it annually to your own personal RRSP, and certainly take it with you if you leave your employer. You are an individual within the Group, all contributions are always yours…

Whether you already have a Group RRSP at your Office, or would like to start a new one, We Offer…

  • Access to Canada’s Top Investment Companies

  • No-Fee Accounts for you and your employees

  • No Front-End Loads or Back-End Loads

  • Customized Portfolio Creation

  • Risk Based Investing so you can Sleep at Night

  • Annual Reviews

  • A Full Financial Plan

We are Brokers Working with all of Canada’s Top Investment Companies

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