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I don’t want to Invest my Money right now Because…

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Will your Fear of Investing ruin your Retirement?

Since the creation of the first 24 hour news station CNN in 1980, there has always been a need to fill the airwaves with news all day, every day. If CNN couldn’t find something to report about, then there would be no reason for you to tune in at any time of the day. If you didn’t tune in, then there would be no viewers to show commercials to, and no revenue for the news station.

So it would seem that a news outlets job is to keep you engaged in what is going on in the world around you, and there should be no doubt that fear is one of the greatest weapons that a news outlet will use to keep you tuned in. But is the fear that we feel, always necessary, or is it sometimes used against us, to the benefit of others?

Take Emotions and Fear out of your Investment mind!

To be successful in the long term of investing, you must remove emotions from your Retirement planning. It is not to say that one mustn’t believe the news, or ignore it for the sake of reason, but in Investing, Slow and Steady wins the race. The Infographic below will show you just how silly it is, to hold off on investing until things “Get Better”…

Investing and World Events in the 21st Century Infographic

IIIS Waiting to Invest Infographic Medium

Start your Retirement Dreams today!

As you can see there is no benefit to sitting on the sidelines waiting for the “Perfect” time to invest, as there will always be events that you have no control over!

If you have a plan in place, there are few events in life that are more destructive, than simply doing nothing at all…

In every decade you have at least one event, that scared more investors out of the market than into the market!

In the 1930’s it was the Recession, in the 1940’s it could have been Pearl Harbour, in the 1950’s Castro took over Cuba, in the 1960’s there was the U2 spy plane downed by the USSR, in the 1970’s Interest Rates rise, and there was also an Energy Crisis, in the 1980’s there was Black Monday, in the 1990’s there was the Gulf War, in the year 2000 we had the Y2K fear and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, and in the 2010’s we have seen European Banks collapsing, the US Debt Crisis and threats of Nuclear Destruction from North Korea!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen from 1000 points in the 1970’s to more than 16,000 points in the year 2013. Stay invested, stay the course, and allocate your money based upon your age, not based upon your fear, or the news outlets…

You and Your Retirement years deserve it!

Call us today to see how we can help you, reach your Retirement Goals, and feel free to share this Infographic with anyone who may have doubt about investing in today’s “Volatile Investment World”

Steffen deGraaf

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IIIS Waiting to Invest Infographic Medium

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