Investing in Hamilton


How to maximize your success if you are Investing in Hamilton.

Investing in hamilton ontario

It has been proven time and time again that actively working with an Investment Advisor or a Financial Advisor will only help you achieve your goals, if you are Investing in Hamilton. And if you would like the advice and knowledge of a reputable advisor and a reputable company, then welcome to Infinity Insurance and Investments.

Our business has been built over the years to provide our friends and families of Hamilton with our top notch platinum level service, no matter what the value of your accounts may be. And we have been working for years to identify the problems within the traditional investing community and the “Advice” that so many lack. The most common problem we see is that if you do not meet a certain threshold on your account balance, then you receive little or no service whatsoever. This is a big problem, because it is your early years of savings, that can have the greatest impact on your future goals, but no one seems to get any level of service until their account value reaches a certain value.

So many times our new clients have been bounced around so many time between, new Advisors where they bank, they have simply given up hope of ever getting good or proper advice for their accounts, and just simply continue to contribute to their plan, out of hope.

Every Financial Plan that is in place needs two things to succeed.


First and Foremost:

You must contribute to your plan on a regular basis, it is really your money today, which will supplement your future financial requirements. Of course there will be investment gains over time, but without your contributions today there will be no gains into the future. So simple, first and foremost, contribute. But this alone will not guarantee your success.

And Secondly:

Actively manage your account, or have a professional do it with you. We do not charge any fees to our clients, so why would you not want the professional advice and guidance? That’s right, we do not charge any additional fees for our service and guidance, and will be your champion for years to come. For us, we get paid by the companies we entrust your business to, and that way over the years, your success only leads to our success. In your relationship with our office, unlike a Bank, you are our Bosses and may fire us at any time if we do not exceed your expectations.

investing in hamilton

So it is very simple to understand that if and when you need Investment advice here in Hamilton, we are here to help. Whether it is guidance on your RRSP, your TFSA or your RESP for your children, we integrate all of your plans into one neat and simple program, which takes you and your circumstances into account.

We have spent years perfecting our client model, and use all the tools available to help you succeed financially, both in the near term, as well as long term goals. Give us a call today, and see how we may compliment your plans if you are Investing in Hamilton.




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