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Why do you Need Life Insurance?

  • You have Kids

  • You have Bills

  • You have a Mortgage

  • You bring home a Paycheque

  • Your work coverage is not enough

  • You’re a Professional

  • You’re a Business Owner

  • Your spouse could not survive without your Income

  • You want to feel Responsible

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All you have to do is let us know how much life Insurance you Require and we will do the rest. By answering just a few questions, we can Source your Needs against Canada’s Top Insurance Companies on your behalf.


When you own your policy, you are in control of the premiums and the benefits. When you purchase your Life Insurance from the Bank, you must buy their Product, at their Prices. Did you know that as you pay down your debt with Traditional Mortgage Life Insurance, your Life Insurance decreases as well!


By using the most powerful Life Insurance quoting software, we analyze your needs against the Best Life Insurance companies, to make sure you are getting the Best Insurance for the Best Price. When you buy your Insurance from the Bank, or from a Captive Agent (State Farm or Primerica) you only have access to one Solution, whether it is right for You or not…

 Easy to Understand:

Life Insurance may seem complicated, but by working with an experienced Broker, our job is to provide simple and appropriate solutions based upon your own Unique Needs. Life Insurance doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be appropriate.

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Did you Know?

It's not if you die, simply when you die...

A 40 year old man can get $1,000,000 of Life Insurance for around $50 per month!

Get your Life Insurance in place when you are still young and healthy...

You can choose 10 year Terms, 20 year Terms, and even 30 year Terms for your Life Insurance needs

The Application process is quick, simple and courteous, and we do all the work on your behalf.

Save up to 30% by owning your own Mortgage Life Insurance Policy!

Coverage can Never be Cancelled, as long as you pay your premiums...

You name Your Family as the beneficiary, Not the Bank...

You can pay off ALL your Bills, using Personal Life Insurance, not just the Mortgage...

Life Insurance is paid out to your Beneficiaries in less than 2 weeks in most cases!

Ways to Enhance your Life Insurance


 Critical Illness Advance

If you are diagnosed with a Life threatening Terminal Illness, there is an opportunity to get an advance of your Death Benefit while you are still alive. This allows you to live with dignity, and lets you use a portion of the benefit any way you see fit.

Life Insurance

Return of Premium

You can purchase a special rider that allows you to receive all of your premiums back, if you do not use the Life Insurance throughout its Term with some very special options we can create.

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Disability Waiver

You can have your Life Insurance premiums paid for the life of your policy with this simple rider. Never worry about your Life Insurance coverage being jeopardized by a disability.

Life Insurance Carriers

Why do Business with us?

  • We work, live and play in your Neighborhood. We are not a huge National Call Centre, we are local business owners who care.

  • We can meet with you at your home, office or at our office. Imagine, we can even offer you an Online meeting and application process for the Ultimate in Convenience.

  • We work directly with 20 of Canada’s Top Life Insurance companies to ensure you get the best coverage at the best price. You work hard for your money, and so will we.

  • We provide ongoing service and support to our clients. Our first meeting will be the start of a very important relationship that will give you peace of mind today and into the future.

  • The knowledge and relationships that we have developed in the Life Insurance industry will ensure you get the most appropriate coverage at the most affordable prices.