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Why would you need Life Insurance?

Here are the Facts

  1. Someday, we will all die. Everyone knows a story about someone who died, whether it was expected or not

  2. Many people die much sooner than expected. Everyone knows a story about someone who died at a time that was “too soon,” and/or someone who died in a way that was completely unpredictable and unexpected.

  3.  Someday, we will all need to plan a funeral. At some point in our lives, whether directly or indirectly, we will all be faced with the difficult emotional and financial decisions of planning a funeral.

  4. More and More Seniors are retiring with Debt, it would be unfair to your spouse to leave that debt behind, at a time when your household income will drop due to cutbacks in OAS, CPP and Company Pension Plans…

There are many reasons why people purchase Seniors Life Insurance, the most common reasons Why Couples purchase Seniors Life Insurance are;

 To have all your Final Expenses Paid (The maximum CPP Benefit upon Death is $2500)

 To pay out any Credit Cards or Car Loans

 To have some extra Money available for the surviving spouse

 To leave some money for the Grandchildren’s success

 To offset the lost wage from CPP or a Company Pension

 To Offset OAS Loss

 Just to have Peace of Mind

What does Life Insurance mean to you?

Life Insurance is one of the most important ways to protect those you love from financial hardship, upon your passing. If you have a spouse, using Life Insurance to protect their financial security is so easy to achieve, that no couple should be without it.

Life Insurance works by protecting You with a certain benefit amount (face value), that is paid out directly to your beneficiary (Family) at the event of your passing. The key is, to put the Proper Coverage in place when you are Healthy enough to obtain it!

You know you need it, so lets discover how easy and affordable it can be for you and your spouse.

Here are the Reasons why you would consider Life Insurance...

There are so many options available for you, some with little or No Medical Questions, and you never need to meet with a Nurse or your Doctor to be eligible for Coverage!


Here are the benefits of using Senior Life Insurance;

  • insuranceYour spouse will receive the benefit within 10 business days upon your passing in most cases
  • The Life Insurance proceeds are TAX FREE
  • The Money is not held in Trust or is held up by Probate
  • You can use Life Insurance to offset the loss your surviving spouse will receive from Canada Pension Plan
  • How mush will CPP Pay your surviving spouse when you are gone?
  • How much will OAS Pay your spouse when you are gone?
  • Give yourself the peace of mind you need to get them this benefit in a timely and respectful manner.

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How can we Help You create the Perfect Life Insurance plan?

Why would you want to Review your coverage,

and Why would you want to work with us?


Here are the reasons why you will be impressed with our Services;

  • We are local to you, we live, work and play in your Community. We are not a nationwide conglomerate, who may not understand your local needs, and your need for local service.
  • We have had the pleasure to work with Family after Family, and through all that hard work, we are able to provide You with the best solutions, at the best price Guaranteed!
  • We give you the peace of mind that your Life Insurance is both Personal and Customized to your own families unique needs.
  • We provide you with Life Insurance quotes from the Top 3 companies that best suit your needs.
  • We provide on-going Service and Support, so you are not only taken care of today, but for years to come.
  • You will get the best coverage for the best price, GUARANTEED!
  • You even get a Free 10 day Look, so if you change your Mind, and feel that the coverage may not be what you need, then no problems, no worries.
  • We do all the work with the Insurance company on your behalf, so if you ever need to claim on your Insurance, we are here to provide that service to your beneficiaries.
  • We help you in the quickest, most efficient and professional way possible, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about your Life Insurance Coverage.
  • If it has been Years since you have reviewed your Life Insurance, then the time is now, make sure you feel comfortable with the Coverage you have in place.
  • We will keep in contact with you, so as your needs change we can modify your plans.
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How Can I help you with this coverage?

Your local Life Insurance Specialist

As a specialist in Life Insurance placement, I have helped Hundreds of Families over the last Decade put this Valuable Coverage in place. I am a broker of Life Insurance and I am able to work with ALL of the companies out there, to custom tailor the Best Solution Available. Contact me for a Personal Review.


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