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Savings and Investments for Canadians

There are many ways to create wealth into your future. You  may be investing in an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Program), or with a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) or maybe you are using an RESP (Registered Education Savings Program) to save for your children’s Education, we use a 3 Step Program to get you on track for success…

Step 1. Analyze

First off, we help you understand where you are today. Many times we need to understand where we are, to be able to find out where we need to be. Traditionally we put money away, and believe the simple process of setting money aside will ensure our financial success into the future. Do not believe that mentality, many times our clients set up programs like these at the Bank or the Financial Institution where the do banking business, and believe they will take care of us. Unfortunately in most cases, many of our new clients never received any further advice from their financial institution after their first deposit. This is a shame…

Step 2. Prioritize

Next, we need to find out where you would like to be. Every person today has different goals regarding where they would like to be in their future, and how they would like to live once they are there. Future Savings and Investment goals shouldn’t just focus just on retirement, but also short and midterm savings goals as well. You cannot take all of your money today, and simply put it away for the future. Many people think of their future savings goals of simply retirement, but you also need shorter term goals, to help keep you motivated. By using a variety of Investment vehicles, will allow you to make wise choices, when you are in need.

Step 3. Action

Then we determine what solutions are available to take you to where you need to be. Based upon your age and tolerance for risk, we are able to construct the perfect portfolio for your success. A solution based upon your needs, and using the best of breed solutions available for Canadians. With over 4000 “Funds” available for you to invest in here, we wade through all of the others, and recommend a solution that will create long lasting sustainable wealth. We do not charge any fees to our clients, and there is no minimum deposit to be considered our client. Take charge today, and get back on the right path to success.

“Money isn’t everything, but happiness alone can’t keep out the rain.”


Why is investing so important?

Investing is important for 3 reasons, and if you fail to do something about your future income needs today, it will only put unrealistic and undue stress upon you later in life. Compounding is one of the greatest forces to be considered when investing, so the earlier you start, the less money you need to contribute, and let compounding do the job for you.

Will CPP and OAS give you enough?

Canada Flag Steffen deGraafIf you do not take charge of at least some part of your retirement income, then you have no control over the income you receive. You have to hope that the CPP benefits will be there in their entirety, and programs such as OAS may not always be there for your financial security. If a 65 year old retiree today was to rely fully on a government funded retirement, the numbers are shocking. You would receive a max of about $1000 per month form CPP if you had contributed all your life, and about $400 per month from OAS. That equates to an annual income of around $17,000 per year, which is very difficult to maintain a decent standard of living.

Create your Emergency Fund!

Best Investment Strategy for 2014You may need income or emergency funding throughout your life, and not just at retirement. Life throws us some curveballs every now and then, and if we do not have a plan in place to fund those emergencies, then we are left to find alternate solutions to take care of the situation. By creating a savings plan today, you are protecting your future income and your family’s well-being, no matter what life throws at us. Savings plans are not simply for retirement, they are meant to provide an income to you, when you are no longer able to do so, and that may not be at age 65. At least you will have options when you take control of your own financial future.

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

RRSP InvestingDon’t sweat the small stuff, and pick a strategy and stick with it. Many times we lose sight of our long term goals, because of near term news. Do not get emotional about your investments, they are there for your long term goals, and short term news will only affect your portfolio in the near term as long as you have the correct strategy put into place. But that strategy needs to accompany your tolerance to risk as well. If you are young, you are able to tolerate more volatility in the short term, as your goals are so far away. Alternately as you get closer to your retirement, your strategy needs to become more and more conservative, to avoid any large swings in your account value in your “Retirement risk Zone”.

The 4 Main Investment Vehicles we help our clients with...

A well diversified Plan will include these

The 4 Main Investment Vehicles we help our clients with...


$ Saving

for your childs education
  • Get government incentives
  • Stable Investment Growth
  • The unused balance can be transferable into your RRSP
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RRSP'sMost Popular

$ Saving

for your Retirement
  • Tax efficient contributions
  • Tax deferred growth
  • Wide Variety of Investment Choices
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$ Saving

for shorter term Goals
  • Tax efficient growth
  • Tax free withdrawals
  • Easy access to your Savings
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$ Saving

for your Retirement Income
  • Works like a deferred Annuity
  • Guaranteed Rate of return in Savings Years!
  • Guaranteed Income for Life at Retirement!
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How Investing can help you and your family, create a future full of Wealth and Stability…

RRSP InvestingConfidence.

Investing will give you the confidence that today and into the future you are not only living day to day, but creating a future income stream, no matter when you may need it. It may be for your child’s education, a near term goal such as a new car, or long term for your fully funded retirement years. And those people who have created wealth through savings and investments, traditionally fair better when a major challenge is put upon your finances, such as sickness or disability. When you go through a major life event as such, having the confidence of income survival is just as prevalent to your mind, as surviving the physical component of a life challenge. You can focus on whats most important in the equation, and that is you… You will have peace of mind, not only today, but also well into the future.

Ready, set, grow!Money Creates Money!

Investing can give you assets into the future that may be leveraged to create even more wealth. Money makes Money! When you go to your bank and need additional funding, they always like to see a balance sheet of your assets, and by having a healthy portfolio, the bank is much more willing to give you some of their money too. This is how you create wealth from wealth. You don’t need to use your assets, but they act as great security. A healthy portfolio will show all, that you are responsible for your own future. And the bank is more than willing to lend you the money, as long as you can prove to them you don’t need it! By using some smart money techniques, you will maximize the efficiency of the money you make, and the money you save.

In control of your moneyTo be in Control…

You are taking your financial future into your own hands. So whether governments change, or change the rules of retirement income, or change the level of benefit provided by our social system, your lifestyle will not be determined by someone else. You are in control. We cannot control what will happen in other people’s future, but if we do not control our affairs, someone else will. Take control, and do not hope for a future filled with wealth and prosperity provided by the government. If you are not willing to take $10 out of $100 for your future today, then the reality is you will not take $10,000 out of $100,000 in the future when “things get better”… Take control of your financial future today and start small at least, let compounding do the rest.

“The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.”

Warren Buffett

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Real World Problems, deserve Real World Solutions!

Investment help in burlingtonThroughout the financial collapse of 2008 we still had a number of clients who had planned to retire that year, but were concerned about the longevity of their income, if they started to draw on that income in a down market. This is a very serious concern and a reality to plan for into the future. This is extremely important for people who had lost 20%, 30% or even more due to the collapse.

Many of  our new clients since then have discovered a more suitable way to diversify their assets.You do not know when an event such as the tech crash of 2000, September 11th 2001, Wars in the Middle East in 2003 or obviously the 2008 Financial Meltdown will occur, but you can plan for it.

By using a unique asset diversification model for your future allows us to slowly move your assets into a more conservative mix as you enter into your risk zone. That way if you need to draw money from your investment account, we can draw it from the least volatile area of your portfolio, and let the remaining balance recover without having to touch that component of it.When we construct these portfolios for our clients, we are able to draw off the least volatile part of their portfolio, usually fixed in a Bond Fund, and give the Equities component time to recover. That way your retirement is not held hostage by world events, world events we all know will continue to plague us into the future, it is just human nature….


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 It’s time to take control of your Financial Future, we are here to help you get on the path to success!

“If you put off everything till you’re sure of it, you’ll never get anything done.”

Norman Vincent Peale

How can we Help You?

Investment help in burlington

To get yourself prepared for the future and have confidence in your savings, you need to take action. Let us show you how we construct our portfolios and what companies we have had the best success with. If you answer YES to any one of the questions below it may be time to give us a call…


You receive little or no advice on your current portfolio. We do not have a minimum size of account to be considered a client, so if you feel a little neglected by your current advisor, then we are here to help.

You have had little or no contact with your advisor throughout the financial meltdown of 2008. It is paramount that you review your portfolio in good years and bad years, that way you can readjust your portfolio to match you risk tolerance.

If you want to get a second opinion on where your money is invested, or how it is invested, we are here to help you achieve this. As brokers of financial services, we have the unique opportunity to recommend a wide variety of solutions that a Bank may not be able to offer you. If the bank doesn’t sell it, they try and make you believe it doesn’t exist…

If you want an Investment Solution that has  powerful guarantees, creditor protection, bypass estate taxes and have very low MER’s, so that the money you are investing is working at its maximum potential. Does your portfolio have the ability to bypass Probate? That is a major hot button with most of our retiree clients…

If you are tired of additional “fees” eating away at your portfolio, in good times or bad, then it is time to give us a call. We do not charge any additional fees to our clients. We invest your money in solutions with Low MER’s so that you are maximizing the value of your invested dollar.

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