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The 5 reasons why Critical Illness protection

is so valuable to you, and your family.


If for some reason you were to contract a critical illness, in our experience, these are the top 5 reasons that our clients have let us know how the protection has helped.


You get to take a step back from your job and responsibilities, and take care of what’s most important to you, Your Recovery… So many times, waiting for your Short Term Disability or even Long Term Disability Insurance can take too long. When the doctor says he needs to see you next Thursday, you are there next Thursday, irrelevant of your work obligations.


You need to create a financial buffer in between you and the disease. Bills will always come, as the day is long, and the sun will always rise, your bills too will not stop… Create your own financial buffer between the disease and your recovery.


We are surviving physically from these diseases, and although we may be in treatment for months, our medical system provides a greater opportunity today than ever before in history to overcome these challenges, but will our finances survive? I would spend every dime I had today to help me survive into the future.


The disease is not only about me, but everyone is involved. This is the most important fact we see, as it is not just about you. All the people around you want to be as big a part of your recovery as they can. But it does have a great financial impact on those you care about most. If your wife had to take a month off to take care of you, could you blame them? If your child wants to take the time off to ensure your following your treatment, and doing the best job you can to recover, could you blame them? I personally spent many days and weeks with my mother to make sure she was getting the best treatment and advice that she could, and that was by being with her in every meeting I could, and taking numerous sick days and vacation days to be there in the best way I could.


It may just be time to retire at that point. If you are nearing your retirement and are hit with a Critical illness, it may just be time to take an early retirement and enjoy your life going forward. It may just be the time to throw in the towel to your work life and enjoy the things that mean the most to you and your spouse or your family. If you are only a few years away from a retirement goal and a critical illness strikes, wouldn’t it be nice to say, “Ok let’s face this head on, and then enjoy our retirement?” Wouldn’t this be a nice way to end off your career, on your terms? 
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